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Geocaching web sites

www.shukach.com Shukach Project is active interest in search and creation of caches and treasures. Walking through and creation of quests. Visiting of places of interest, local history and perception of the outside world. Popularization of outside activities, healthy lifestyle and tourism.
www.geocaching.su Welcome to Russian Geocaching Official Site!
Vast territories, plenty of sights. rich and varied nature make geocahing in Russia extremely interesting.
Play and travel throughout Russia to see its ancient monasteries and churches, charming country estates and museums, high mountains and deep canyons and locate a hidden cache there!
www.opencaching.com We’re a collection of hikers, bikers, techno geeks, treasure seekers, scouts, families and just plain nature lovers who deserve to geocache the way we want.

And that’s exactly why we created this site – to put the power back in the hands of the community. And to finally give us all a voice in the way geocaching grows.
www.opencaching.eu OpenCaching.eu is a geocaching site providing a listing of all national OpenCaching services